2008 Resolution Six – Emotional

The past 365 days have been an emotional roller coaster, but by that I mean that it was valleys of “life is good” interrupted occasionally by hills of amazing fortune and mountains of absolutely inspirational events. As years go, if life was even a reasonable facsimile of 2007 from here on out I’d pass from this world a happy, heart-rich man.

But life is not about stagnation. At least I think it ought not be. This year I’m pushing for more. In 2007 hundreds of others came into my life and lifted it up so I could touch the sky. There is an African Proverb about going up in an elevator, though – if you do so, you should not forget to send it back down afterwards. In other words, this year I need to give back and help many more attain their goals, realize their dreams, and spend more of their lives enhancing those parts of their lives they value most.


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