2008 Resolution Three – Physical

My strides towards getting my physical health where I want it were decent in 2007, but it’s time to take the discipline I have in so many other areas of my life and apply it to my physical well being.

In 2008, I am going to take care of all preventative measures I’ve been putting off (get my teeth cleaned and a check-up, get a physical exam from my doctor, etc.).

I am going to drink three times as many ounces of water as I do any caffeinated beverages I have in my day.

I am going to exercise in a measurable, reportable, meaningful way three times a week.

I am going to stop eating dessert – it’s just stupid behavior. I don’t get a lot of satisfaction from it, and it certainly is not more of a priority to me than being healthy and feeling great about my body.

I am a somewhat squeezed size 36 waist right now, for the most part. I will be a comfortable size 36 by this time next year.


2 responses to “2008 Resolution Three – Physical

  1. I say those are reasonable … good luck!

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