2008 Resolution Two – Book

I’ve been working on my book Harness Your Passions for a while now (I finished the outline structure over Christmas Break, actually). In the time I have been thinking about the project, I’ve begun to see its progress much like that of a person. In its infancy, we knew it was a bouncing baby book and a few hints about its personality. After a while, it learned to walk and explore the world it is a part of. And in its current stage, it has started asking “why?” of everything around it, seeking the answers to the fundamentals. Eventually it will work out precisely what its purpose for existing is, what its strengths are, and ultimately (I hope) go out and be a productive member of its community.

My goal for this year is to conduct interviews, seek inspiration, read everything I can get my hands on related to passion wrangling, and by this time next year, have a solid rough draft completed.


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