A Few Lumps of Kohl

Today we ventured out of our humble abode to have lunch with a couple of friends. Today is meatball sandwich day at Subway, so I was one rather enthusiastic carnivore.

After our meal and bidding farewell to our friends, we went across the street to see what we might find to use the Kohl’s gift cards we received for Christmas on. Each of us got a few nice things for work, Ginger found some great dishtowels (oh the things I get excited about at my ripe old age of 33.8). Perhaps the most exciting find, however, was a tee shirt on the 80% off rack featuring Oscar the Grouch in a Christmas wreath, with the caption below of “BAH HUMBUG!”

I’m not sure what it is about Oscar that I love so much, except perhaps that he is the anti-Elmo, and that my friends is a good thing indeed.


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