Grocery Shopping

I went out grocery shopping this evening. I have a different approach to the experience, I think, than some. I like to take my time, even when I know what I’m looking for, and explore a bit. Peruse the latest computer game and business magazines, see if they have anything good in the clearance sections, and so on.

Anyway, I picked up ingredients for three more cheeseburger pies (upcoming occasions), along with the normal checklist of apples, bananas, frozen meals, milk, chips, and salsa fresca. It was much quieter than usual for a Sunday evening, which was nice – I had my choice of three checkout lines that were empty!


2 responses to “Grocery Shopping

  1. How does one make cheesburger pie? Sounds pretty good!

  2. As luck would have it, I have blogged about such things as Cheeseburger Pie (originally called Hamburger Pie until my wife pointed out that it has cheese in it and ought to have its name upgraded accordingly). 🙂

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