Lack of Sleep

Trying to find balance when it comes to sleep is difficult. There are a number of factors and challenges determining my sleeping habits, which are in varying degrees of my control. My wife, who I prefer to go to sleep with at the same time, is usually tired by nine. Sometimes I stay up anyway and keep working (like tonight), but regardless, I am getting up some time between five and six so we can both get to work on time. Many times distractions and other commitments make this time late at night the only blogging or creative time I have, which is an issue since I usually get tired between nine and ten (note: I am already pretty droopy but shall persevere for another… 79 minutes or so).

I am thinking the solution is to get more control of what’s going on at work so I don’t need to spend so much time there, and can thus spend some morning time prior to work being creative. Or something… I can sustain what I do right now, but I’d really rather not.


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