When I got married, I did not really have a sweet tooth. Sure, I went through a very occasional bag of Oreos during an evening of watching TV and being sort of down about things as they were before I got my life “in order”. But that was rare – I have always, if anything, been far more into sodium than salt. Lately though, in the past few years, I have been increasingly fond of particular sweets on a somewhat regular basis. In particular, dark chocolate, cookies, and ice cream are big downfalls for me. I don’t keep it in my house if I can help it, and when it is here I eat it sparingly, so that’s good. But if I smell sugar in a fifty foot radius of my cubicle at work, it’s mine. And with sugar being such an energy downer ultimately (after the rush), I really need to avoid it, especially at work where I need all the energy I can muster!


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