I just have to take a moment and recognize how much appreciation I have for Craigslist. It has helped us in innumerable ways over the last year or so.

When we moved, it helped us get rid of our excess stuff we didn’t want to take along with us.

When we sold our condo, it was to a person who found us through Craigslist.

Once we got into our new place, we had all sorts of stuff the previous owners had left, empty moving boxes, and other miscellaneous stuff to find a good home for instead of throw out. Craigslist, Craigslist, Craigslist.

Since we moved into our new house we’ve needed new furniture, like a new entertainment center, computer desk, bookcase, couch, and loveseat. All of which we saved HUGE amounts of money on, all of which we bought from nice people who weren’t pushy salespeople. All through Craigslist.

I’m hooked.


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