It happens. Life, that is. That’s one of the most important lessons of this writing exercise I’ve been putting myself through this month. I did everything I could to plan for this 31 hour Blog-A-Thon being non stop writing, and still life happened. And that’s okay.

Writing is important to me. It is, in fact, part of one of my top five priorities in life – my work. However, there are four other priorities I have in life that are more important than the work I do in it; my family, my friends, my wife, and my faith. Often, doing my work builds and nurtures many of those other priorities in life, in that magic way life is intertwined with itself, simultaneously complex and simple.

This morning, I needed to take care of things besides my writing. The sorts of things that will enhance the life I have with my wife, both in the short and long term. Things that, in that sense, were more important than my writing. More important to me. Things I hold closer to my heart, and more passion for, than my work – and I am very passionate about my work.

One of the hard things about having my priorities as straight as I do in my life, is that sometimes that means sacrificing what I’d planned to do in the short term for what I ought to do. What I need to do.


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