Ghosts Drink Coffee

I am becoming increasingly convinced that the office I work in is haunted by a ghost who enjoyed coffee in his or her living years. A lot. I come to this conclusion due to the fact that there is a creamer drawer in the break area that often, under its own accord, slowly slided open – often while I’m standing right there! I’m sure if it wasn’t a warm area anyway due to the coffee brewing, I’d feel an icy chill as I walk by now and then.

And who can blame it really – we have darn good coffee where I work.


3 responses to “Ghosts Drink Coffee

  1. cherokeebutterfli

    I love this, I think it might be my grama, she did love her coffee,. No maybe not, she drank her coffee black, no cream needed.

  2. Good to read that atleast someone has some good cofi @ work place!!

  3. oh dear god. You do know I work at the other side of your office right. the funny thing is … i know exactly where and what drawer you’re talking about.

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