Trash Tracker – Sept 16, 2008

The rest of yesterday went quite well. Went to Home Depot, but bought things with no packaging and did not use any plastic bags to put the purchases in. We did buy a couple of things at Trader Joe’s in packaging, but nothing that can’t be recycled.

This morning I had to take out a bit of tubing from the irrigation system that was causing a leak. Maybe two or three inches long, but I had to trash it. I also had a tasty sandwich for breakfast that came in a nice non-recyclable wrapper. I brought my lunch so I do not foresee any trash there.

Tonight I am going to a happy hour, at which I will have a beer, which they will likely stick on a cocktail napkin I will then have to throw away. I am hoping to avoid that, as well as other trash-based incidents, but we’ll see.

I’m thinking after every two weeks of this journal I will post a tally of the total trash from the two weeks prior. That will be interesting to look back on over time.


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