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Big Mac Attack

Attack of the Big Mac – only you can stop them!


Owned by a Junior College

Last week, ASU was just a “Junior College”. As of yesterday, it’s a Junior College that swept arch-rival U of A in basketball this season.

It is entirely possible that my father-in-law (a self proclaimed “Wildcat”) will hear about this on more than one occasion in the near future.

Sunflower Seed Season

Every year around this time, I start getting a taste for sunflower seeds. We’re about a month away from the magical time of year, when “that other sport” has had its fill and gone its way until the following August/September, and the nation can focus on what’s truly important in the sports world: baseball.

There are few things finer than sitting at a spring training game, spitting sunflower seed shells into the cup now empty after you’ve finished the $8 beer that was in it (except, perhaps, to have a second beer in the other hand… that someone else paid for).

Bring it!

Lunch Word Play

Lately, having been inspired by the movie about crossword puzzles Wordplay, I’ve been spending many lunches at my desk seeing how fast I can finish the LA Times one. It’s the easier of the two (the other in there being the NY Times). Most days, I can get it done in five to ten minutes.

Someday, Mr. Shortz, some day…

Plan B

Pshaw! Xplorers or Scrabulous maybe, but World of Warcraft? Not my bag, baby.

Seriously, the cartoon linked above is just a tad too close to home for comfort some nights.


I’ve previously mentioned on this blog about my passion for the game Settlers of Catan. Recently I have discovered a wonderful online game called Xplorers that, er, may remind you of Settlers. Significantly remind you.

Good to have in my favorites in case Scrabulous gets bumped off of Facebook like the game company who makes Scrabble is trying to do 🙂


Because you are sure to need a fun little cute pig-related diversion sometime tomorrow, here’s Hang Stan!