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Old Year’s Resolutions

This seems like a reasonable time to look at the resolutions I made at the start of 2008, and see how I did. Maybe even rate my success in each on a scale of 1 to 5, just for kicks…

Goal One: Spend more time in nature. Progress: I did go hiking in the Muir Woods when visiting friends in San Francisco earlier this year, went up into the Verde Valley late this summer, and I went on a few hikes around the Phoenix Zoo this fall. I’m not sure my backyard counts as nature since it’s in the suburbs, but I did spend a lot of time tending to my gardens and hanging laundry on the clothes line. All in all, I did not do as much out in natural settings as I would have liked, but I did improve over previous years. Rating: 3 out of 5

Goal Two: Finish a first draft of my book. Progress: FAIL! I wrote some, made a few attempts at an outline, but I have already worked more on my book in 2009 than I did in all of 2008. Looks like I need to push this goal forward and make it a higher priority in my schedule, since it is a high priority in my heart. Rating: 1.5 out of 5

Goal Three: Physical Fitness. Progress: Not bad at all. I ended up at about the same weight as I started the year, so that’s what I’ll focus on in 2009, but my cardio health has improved dramatically, my strength has increased overall, and I have actually come to enjoy physical activities – especially in the spring and fall when the weather is so great here. Plus, I actually finished a 5K! Rating: 4 out of 5

Goal Four: Get more done at home. Progress: I have done well on this one. I take care of my honey-do’s a lot more often before even getting reminded of them, I seek out new things to do that will help out, and most of all I’m really enjoying taking pride in keeping the household in good shape. I can still improve a LOT, but I think I’ve done well for 2008. Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Goal Five: Do 175 hours of volunteer work, and give at least 10% of our income to charitable endeavors. Progress: This was one of my big successes this year, I exceeded both of my goal numbers. Now to figure out what to do for an encore… Rating: 5 out of 5

Goal Six: Help others attain their goals and dreams. Progress: I worked for most of the year with a small, dedicated group of individuals to figure out how to start a non-profit that could assist others in trying to address the social needs of their communities. On a smaller scale, I got involved with or led several efforts through the year that managed to get people giving their time, money, and energy for the betterment of others. Hopefully these efforts will have a compounding effect that creates far more good than I could ever do on my own for others. Rating: 4 out of 5 (there is much yet to be done)

Goal Seven: Spend more time with friends. Progress: Whether it was hanging out with Mike at Chipotle, setting up virtual coffee breaks with friends who live in other parts, having people over for meals or parties at our house, or traveling to stay with friends and catch up on things – 2008 was a banner year for friendship in my life. I wish I’d been able to visit a few of them that I didn’t get to, but there’s always 2009. Rating: 4 out of 5

Goal Eight: Travel to three places I have never been, at least one of which is more than a leisurely day’s driving distance away. Progress: Well, I have been to San Francisco, but my wife hadn’t so the trip there in March sort of counts (we went a lot of places while there that I certainly had never been to). Locally we drove up to Cottonwood and stayed a couple of nights at a lovely bed and breakfast there. So… two out of three. Not bad. Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Goal Nine: Spiritual. Progress: I did not get as involved in a community of faith as I had hoped. However, I did go deeper down my personal spiritual journey. Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Goal Ten: Be a champion for children. Progress: We have yet to be placed, but are still on the fostering list. I went and volunteered for two days at an after-school program in San Francisco and had an amazing time. Mostly, I spent quality time with my nephew and niece, and have grown to where I feel like I’m “good” with kids. If plans go well, I will be able to make a bigger impact next year. Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Goal Eleven: Be sensible about money. Progress: We have hit some HUGE goals this year financially despite the economy. We have some investments that should be exciting to watch over the next few years, and are on track with our aggressive plan to pay off our mortgage (the last standing debt we have). Rating: 4 out of 5

Goal Twelve: Improve my mental health. Progress: I have never felt sharper, nor felt like I learned so much in so little time. Rating: 4 out of 5


Birthdays are for Celebrating

So many people seem to be under the impression that birthdays are meant to serve ass a reminder that you are now one more year older chronologically, and thus closer to death and old age. I… don’t understand.

The purpose of birthdays, as far back as I can recall, is to celebrate that hey – you’re alive! You exist! Woo hoo! Birthday parties exist because people in this world want to actually take a moment to express their happiness that you are in the world.

I get that a birthday might be a reminder too look back at the year just passed, and maybe when you do that you don’t like what you see. But look, up ahead… more time! More opportunity to change what displeases you so mcuh about looking backwards, so that next time your special day comes around it will be something you want to celebrate as much as the people who care about you do.

Coffee = Hot Dogs?

Remember how you felt when you found out what gets put in hot dogs? I discovered an… interesting… video this morning about why good coffee is good and great coffee is crap.

Guitar Ice

It seems like every time I have a cool delicious beverage in front of me, I’m always wishing it had some sort of… musical instrument in it. Now my wish is granted – that’s right, Guitar Ice!

Big Mac Attack

Attack of the Big Mac – only you can stop them!


Friday afternoon I went home a bit earlier than normal, about three hours before my wife got home. I was thinking I might read or blog or something, but instead I did something a bit out of character – I spontaneously burst into chore mode. I had almost every weekend chore done by dinner time! As a result, I was able to spend far more time than usual relaxing on the weekend, especially Sunday.

Saturday I spent the morning helping out with a charitable rummage sale, but when we returned home I had a quick lunch, read for a bit, and then took a nice power nap. After the nap, I got my planner out and started working on plotting out the next couple of weeks, especially in regards to my upcoming vacation in San Francisco (woo hoo!). Later in the evening, I continued to read the book I’m working on, “Made To Stick” by Chip and Dan Heath, until it was time to fall unconscious.

Sunday morning was a nice leisurely pace with the newspaper, a plate of eggs and bacon, and a nice deep cup of coffee. We went to the gym in the latter part of the morning, and spent the remainder of the day bouncing between birthday parties… with a short reprieve in mid-afternoon for another power nap.

Great, rejuvinating weekend – my batteries are full for the week ahead.

This Weekend

This weekend, on Saturday morning, I went up South Mountain in the Climb to Cure Cancer event. I walked five and a half miles uphill, then I walked five and a half miles downhill. I formed relationships with great people, I learned a lot, I helped raise money for a good cause.

This weekend, I spent the afternoon of Saturday between napping and soaking my feet.

This weekend I spoke to my hero on earth, and he’s doing okay. I’m relieved.

This weekend I had sunday dinner with my family.

This weekend we booked our travel plans for San Francisco in March, when we’ll get to see friends we haven’t seen in a while and friends we can’t see often enough 🙂

This weekend I had a wonderful time, I smiled a lot, I got to sleep and relax and spend time doing things I love. I so desperately needed this weekend. I am rejuvinated.