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A Girl Like Me

I’ve been thinking and talking about “awareness” a lot lately. I’m becoming increasingly convinced that it’s the foundation upon which any effective solution to most social issues must be built upon. Social issues like racism.


Birthdays are for Celebrating

So many people seem to be under the impression that birthdays are meant to serve ass a reminder that you are now one more year older chronologically, and thus closer to death and old age. I… don’t understand.

The purpose of birthdays, as far back as I can recall, is to celebrate that hey – you’re alive! You exist! Woo hoo! Birthday parties exist because people in this world want to actually take a moment to express their happiness that you are in the world.

I get that a birthday might be a reminder too look back at the year just passed, and maybe when you do that you don’t like what you see. But look, up ahead… more time! More opportunity to change what displeases you so mcuh about looking backwards, so that next time your special day comes around it will be something you want to celebrate as much as the people who care about you do.

A Brief Reminder

I understand it can be difficult to keep up on all the latest blogging I do, since I have a number of fairly active blogs that now numbers in the teens. I’m working on some sort of RSS solution to make it easy to track what the newest posts are across all of my blogs, but in the meantime I’m just adding a new item to this list, as I go, every time I post something somewhere.

Except I’m not going to add this particular post. Sort of seems like it would be from the Department of Redundancy Department to do so.

This Weekend

This weekend, on Saturday morning, I went up South Mountain in the Climb to Cure Cancer event. I walked five and a half miles uphill, then I walked five and a half miles downhill. I formed relationships with great people, I learned a lot, I helped raise money for a good cause.

This weekend, I spent the afternoon of Saturday between napping and soaking my feet.

This weekend I spoke to my hero on earth, and he’s doing okay. I’m relieved.

This weekend I had sunday dinner with my family.

This weekend we booked our travel plans for San Francisco in March, when we’ll get to see friends we haven’t seen in a while and friends we can’t see often enough 🙂

This weekend I had a wonderful time, I smiled a lot, I got to sleep and relax and spend time doing things I love. I so desperately needed this weekend. I am rejuvinated.


Life has been crushingly busy the last few weeks. Many things going on that, while not about me directly, are impacting me in ways that are time consuming, important, and unavoidable. So, sorry for not visiting more often lately. I’m working on getting things turned around, but there is only so much that is in my control (so long as I intend to own my responsibilities (which I do)).

Checking In

Believe it or not, I am writing blog posts. You just aren’t seeing them live yet. I posted a few things over at the Resolution Revolution today, but mostly I’m writing honking-long items that I want to “get right” before unleashing them on the blogosphere. I suspect they will be worth the wait.

So much of the immediate future is uncertain. Children, travel, money, health… a lot of unknowns in the near future that are big and sort of ominous and whatnot. I’m not crazy about having so much so far up in the air, with no real way to determine where it all might land yet. I know, that’s life, but it seems like lately it’s been a bit much.

Oh well, off to a Chinese New Year dinner with friends – yum! Happy New Year!


I am not what you would call a football fan. I didn’t really care who won tonight – I generally root for the underdogs, who were the Giants this evening (reportedly), but if the Patriots won it was going to be historic. So really, I was just hoping for a good game between commercials (which, for the first time I can remember, were not the highlight of the experience).

That game was phenomenal. The pundits will say far better words tomorrow morning, but really at half-time I already knew that whatever the outcome, I was watching outstanding football.