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A Few Sites About Sites

Here’s a nice site/utility set to use when beginning to work out a website design – 960gs

Also had this link to The Evolution of Websites land in my inbox recently, comparing sites like Apple, Amazon, etc. at different design/functionality points in history.

Thanks to Rob and Ryan, respectively, for the links.


MacBook Air

I have no practical reason to purchase a MacBook Air. I don’t see that as a reason to stop me, do you?

I can at least go to the Apple store when they come out and stare longingly at it.

Origin of iPhone

Wired has an interesting perspective article on the history of the iPhone, detailing the steps Apple went through to make it a reality. It’s a very interesting article, and tells me that Apple gets it when it comes to innovation.

Having said that, they still won’t be selling me one until it works with my carrier. Part of my stubbornness to switch is cost-based (my whole family talks for free on my current network), and part is loyalty to a carrier that has given me consistently quality service (at worst, they have been as good as the best from other services I have tried).

Expensive Apples

I have totally done what Jason Kottke talks about in this article about the $27,000 PowerMac. It is so fun to see what ridiculously powerful, obscene configurations you can choose on those things – and they weigh 50 pounds before you load them to the brim!

On a related note, I did in fact buy the most upgraded version of the Mac Mini when I purchased mine last year. It was not $27,000. It was not even half of a tenth of that.

The Fruit of Victory

Every time I visually wade through the chocolate, pizza, pistachios, and potato chips surrounding me in the kitchen and walk out with an apple instead, I get a huge rush of victory.