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Talk Bubble Paper Clip

And now I have a new favorite stationery product – talk bubble paper clips.


Eye Draw

Take a look through just about any sketchbook I kept from the time I was seventeen until my mid twenties (and many of the post-it notes scattered around my cubicle even today), and you will find pages upon pages of eyes. I have always been fascinated with drawing humans, particularly their heads, and very particularly their eyes. I’m so tied into eyes I sincerely have not recognized my wife two feet in front of me because she had sunglasses on.

It was with much glee, therefore, when I came across this page dedicated to the art of drawing eyes. I recognize many of them.


Perhaps once this mad month of blogging has passed, I’ll spend some time learning how to do origami like these. I made the first project for my wife, who loves frogs, and it seemed to go over well.  It would be cool to be able to make them for other things, like if I leave a birthday card on someone’s desk at work I could place an origami creature they might like on top to mark it. Or, just leave them in random places in the community and hope they bring people happiness.

Mister PicassoHead

Years ago – four jobs, a bachelor’s degree, and a house ago – I discovered this little goofy drawing tool called Mr. Picassohead and made something with it. I can’t find what I made, but it was lovely to accidentally discover it again this morning!

Nathan Sawaya – Lego Geeeenius

I’m a sucker for a cool Lego creation, so I just about (insert socially unacceptable bodily function occurrence here) my pants when I saw these amazing images from the master Lego creator Nathan Sawaya!

Frozen Flowers

Who doesn’t like bouquets of flowers frozen in liquid nitrogen, then blown to bits, and then photographed as they make the shift from bouquet to bits?

Cherry Blossoms

I’m not saying I agree or disagree with the delivery of this work of art. Mostly because I don’t know if it is something I can fully land on either side of. But I’m posting it because I am absolutely certain it is worth… considering.