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Birthdays are for Celebrating

So many people seem to be under the impression that birthdays are meant to serve ass a reminder that you are now one more year older chronologically, and thus closer to death and old age. I… don’t understand.

The purpose of birthdays, as far back as I can recall, is to celebrate that hey – you’re alive! You exist! Woo hoo! Birthday parties exist because people in this world want to actually take a moment to express their happiness that you are in the world.

I get that a birthday might be a reminder too look back at the year just passed, and maybe when you do that you don’t like what you see. But look, up ahead… more time! More opportunity to change what displeases you so mcuh about looking backwards, so that next time your special day comes around it will be something you want to celebrate as much as the people who care about you do.



Friday afternoon I went home a bit earlier than normal, about three hours before my wife got home. I was thinking I might read or blog or something, but instead I did something a bit out of character – I spontaneously burst into chore mode. I had almost every weekend chore done by dinner time! As a result, I was able to spend far more time than usual relaxing on the weekend, especially Sunday.

Saturday I spent the morning helping out with a charitable rummage sale, but when we returned home I had a quick lunch, read for a bit, and then took a nice power nap. After the nap, I got my planner out and started working on plotting out the next couple of weeks, especially in regards to my upcoming vacation in San Francisco (woo hoo!). Later in the evening, I continued to read the book I’m working on, “Made To Stick” by Chip and Dan Heath, until it was time to fall unconscious.

Sunday morning was a nice leisurely pace with the newspaper, a plate of eggs and bacon, and a nice deep cup of coffee. We went to the gym in the latter part of the morning, and spent the remainder of the day bouncing between birthday parties… with a short reprieve in mid-afternoon for another power nap.

Great, rejuvinating weekend – my batteries are full for the week ahead.


Perhaps once this mad month of blogging has passed, I’ll spend some time learning how to do origami like these. I made the first project for my wife, who loves frogs, and it seemed to go over well.  It would be cool to be able to make them for other things, like if I leave a birthday card on someone’s desk at work I could place an origami creature they might like on top to mark it. Or, just leave them in random places in the community and hope they bring people happiness.