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Coffee = Hot Dogs?

Remember how you felt when you found out what gets put in hot dogs? I discovered an… interesting… video this morning about why good coffee is good and great coffee is crap.


Ghosts Drink Coffee

I am becoming increasingly convinced that the office I work in is haunted by a ghost who enjoyed coffee in his or her living years. A lot. I come to this conclusion due to the fact that there is a creamer drawer in the break area that often, under its own accord, slowly slided open – often while I’m standing right there! I’m sure if it wasn’t a warm area anyway due to the coffee brewing, I’d feel an icy chill as I walk by now and then.

And who can blame it really – we have darn good coffee where I work.


For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. After I drink caffeine, I get a boost, and then a drop – not as bad as sugar, but certainly there. If I drink enough water to offset the dehydrating effects of it, I feel better, but I still start every morning with coffee and tend to have a second cup at the office (plus the Diet Pepsi Max from time to time at lunch). I keep thinking about quitting caffeine, but I just love that cup in the morning. Maybe decaf would give me the same spiritual boost without the chemical effects…

Mmmm Decaf

It took me many years of stubborn caffeine fandom before I finally succumbed recently to the need sometimes for decaf coffee. I enjoy a cuppa in the evening, and lately I just need to actually go to sleep when I go to bed. So there you are.

Any recommendations on tasty decaf brands/flavors?