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Checking In

Believe it or not, I am writing blog posts. You just aren’t seeing them live yet. I posted a few things over at the Resolution Revolution today, but mostly I’m writing honking-long items that I want to “get right” before unleashing them on the blogosphere. I suspect they will be worth the wait.

So much of the immediate future is uncertain. Children, travel, money, health… a lot of unknowns in the near future that are big and sort of ominous and whatnot. I’m not crazy about having so much so far up in the air, with no real way to determine where it all might land yet. I know, that’s life, but it seems like lately it’s been a bit much.

Oh well, off to a Chinese New Year dinner with friends – yum! Happy New Year!


House Rules

As we look more into the idea of introducing children into our household, I’ve been reading up on ways to create order (or at least some semblance of managed chaos) in making rules and having children stick to them. In reading one article on the matter recently, I came across these statistics – I’ve seen them before, but I never put them in the context of modeling behavior for a child before:

  • 55% of the meaning people make in their interactions is based on what they see.
  • 38% is based on how it sounds (voice tone, volume, speed)
  • 7% is based on the actual words that are being said.

Now, I think those numbers are people “in general”. I wonder if they differ (I strongly suspect they do), and how much, and in what direction, when it comes to an audience of children.

Favorite People

It occurs to me, as I sit down to eat this bagel, that if I made a list of my top ten people, and another list of all the people in this world who I say “I love you” to on a regular basis, the lists would be… more different than similar. Which seems weird to me, but it is what it is.