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Big Mac Attack

Attack of the Big Mac – only you can stop them!


This Weekend I Connected

We had a party this weekend at the Hamp Camp whose purpose was to reconnect with people one or both of us haven’t seen in a while. We had the BBQ chicken mentioned previously, along with a whole slew of other food choices (turkey meatballs, chili, potato salad, veggies, fruit, cookies, cakes – the works). Enough kids came over that it brought that fun element to the event that only little ones can bring. After everyone left, I felt very peaceful with the knowledge that there are so many wonderful people in our lives.

This Weekend I Ate BBQ Chicken

As we reached deep into the scary bits of our brains trying to come up with an idea for what to serve at the party we had this weekend, we eventually managed to pull out the idea for BBQ chicken. I have had a solid previous experience with having food catered from Famous Dave’s, and thought that might be a good place to look into for this event. However, the price we were quoted was approximately 2.5 times what we were looking to pay (do we get a show with that, or something?), so we looked elsewhere.

Waldo’s BBQ, a local place that is much closer to my house and at which I have enjoyed my dining experience previously, was in the range we were looking for and quite tasty. So, yay for Waldo!

What 200 Calories Looks Like

This is just a very cool visual representation of all sorts of different things that add up to 200 calories. I wonder how thin a sliver of my cheeseburger pie recipe would qualify…

Jerky Ahead

There is, from time to time, a stand set up on the side of the road that sells different kinds of meat jerky. As you drive towards it, they have signs set up that say “JERKY AHEAD!” Every time I see that sign, I drive past it a few seconds, then start shaking violently around in my seat for a few seconds, and then laugh hysterically. It is a joke that never gets old for me, and never gets funny for my passengers.

Grocery Shopping

I went out grocery shopping this evening. I have a different approach to the experience, I think, than some. I like to take my time, even when I know what I’m looking for, and explore a bit. Peruse the latest computer game and business magazines, see if they have anything good in the clearance sections, and so on.

Anyway, I picked up ingredients for three more cheeseburger pies (upcoming occasions), along with the normal checklist of apples, bananas, frozen meals, milk, chips, and salsa fresca. It was much quieter than usual for a Sunday evening, which was nice – I had my choice of three checkout lines that were empty!

The Fruit of Victory

Every time I visually wade through the chocolate, pizza, pistachios, and potato chips surrounding me in the kitchen and walk out with an apple instead, I get a huge rush of victory.