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I am not what you would call a football fan. I didn’t really care who won tonight – I generally root for the underdogs, who were the Giants this evening (reportedly), but if the Patriots won it was going to be historic. So really, I was just hoping for a good game between commercials (which, for the first time I can remember, were not the highlight of the experience).

That game was phenomenal. The pundits will say far better words tomorrow morning, but really at half-time I already knew that whatever the outcome, I was watching outstanding football.


Eagles Going Green

I barely care about professional football at all (though I’m getting increasingly interested in the sport at a college level). However, the Philadelphia Eagles have begun a practice I’d love to see adopted widely at stadiums and arenas. “Starting this season, the team’s “Go Green” environmental campaign has its stadium cleaning crew making two full sweeps after each game–one to pick up recyclables and another for trash.” – from 50 Ways to Green Your Business.