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The Myth of Seven Eight Nine

Dispelling the rumors and setting the record straight once and for all – the truth about why six was afraid of seven.


The Keys

Not much point to this post, just wanted to share a great little comic about keys. Enjoy your day!

Sunday Stumbles

I’ve spent a good part of the day bouncing around the blogs I read, using StumbleUpon, and otherwise looking for interesting nonsense on the web. Here’s a few of my favorites so far from the day’s efforts:

Cardboard Tron

Empty Gesture

So Smart Dog

Sean Rasmussen

Think Quick!

Lunch Word Play

Lately, having been inspired by the movie about crossword puzzles Wordplay, I’ve been spending many lunches at my desk seeing how fast I can finish the LA Times one. It’s the easier of the two (the other in there being the NY Times). Most days, I can get it done in five to ten minutes.

Someday, Mr. Shortz, some day…

Revolt Digg

The social media geek in me was pretty intrigued by the recent item at Wired regarding a controversial change made to Digg’s algorithm for deciding what makes it to the front page. The intriguing part is how you provide the best customer service experience, when your “customers” are your content creators.

Last night’s revolt was ultimately more of a customer-service crisis than a revolution, but it points to a larger problem of ownership on sites that rely upon user-generated content. Although Diggers are using a free service, the service wouldn’t exist without them — and Digg’s management must tread with extreme care when making changes to the site, or risk alienating its most loyal users.

Starship Dimensions

Totally. Geeking. Out.

Nathan Sawaya – Lego Geeeenius

I’m a sucker for a cool Lego creation, so I just about (insert socially unacceptable bodily function occurrence here) my pants when I saw these amazing images from the master Lego creator Nathan Sawaya!