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Solve-A-Math-Equation Alarm Clock

From the land of “I Wish I’d Thought Of That” comes this awesome alarm clock that will only shut off after you correctly answer a math equation!


The Myth of Seven Eight Nine

Dispelling the rumors and setting the record straight once and for all – the truth about why six was afraid of seven.

Giant Uterine Parasite Pleasure

Woman Overjoyed By Giant Uterine Parasite

More details as they emerge…

Talk Bubble Paper Clip

And now I have a new favorite stationery product – talk bubble paper clips.

Automatic Ball Thrower for Dogs

Video Games and television are raising our children, and now machines can raise our pets too! Yippee for automated ball throwing machines!

The Keys

Not much point to this post, just wanted to share a great little comic about keys. Enjoy your day!

Sunday Stumbles

I’ve spent a good part of the day bouncing around the blogs I read, using StumbleUpon, and otherwise looking for interesting nonsense on the web. Here’s a few of my favorites so far from the day’s efforts:

Cardboard Tron

Empty Gesture

So Smart Dog

Sean Rasmussen

Think Quick!