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Bowling for Economic Stimulus

So, a lot of us Americans are going to be getting economic stimulus checks (if we haven’t already gotten them) over the next several weeks. Several hundred dollars meant to push our struggling economy forward through, I dunno, buying more flat screen tvs or something. When I heard about these checks coming out, I wasn’t convinced they would be helpful in solving the long term problems at the root of our ecomonic struggles. I didn’t want my efforts to just be part of a bandaid, I want to be part of a solution that helps our nation get back up on their feet and chasing their dreams again. Then, last night, I found the perfect vehicle to use my check from the government to stimulate positive lasting¬†economic growth. That’s right… bowling.

That’s right, I’m going bowling on Friday June 20th to raise money for Junior Achievement, a wonderful non-profit organization that provides kids in America with classes and curriculum to learn how to be better stewards of their money, how our economy works, and about entrepreneurship. What better way to stimulate our economy than to teach the future participants in our economy how to earn and manage money more effectively?! I’m donating my entire economic stimulus check – $600 – to Junior Achievement, and I’d greatly appreciate it if you would consider donating part of yours to sponsor my bowling efforts as well – https://fundraising.intelis.com/jaaz/?A=39005

Even if you don’t want to give to that particular event or charity (or you just have something against my bowling), I’d encourage you to consider giving part of your stimulus check to a cause you support. What an awesome way to use this unexpected resource we’re getting in a positive, changing way!



Checking In

Believe it or not, I am writing blog posts. You just aren’t seeing them live yet. I posted a few things over at the Resolution Revolution today, but mostly I’m writing honking-long items that I want to “get right” before unleashing them on the blogosphere. I suspect they will be worth the wait.

So much of the immediate future is uncertain. Children, travel, money, health… a lot of unknowns in the near future that are big and sort of ominous and whatnot. I’m not crazy about having so much so far up in the air, with no real way to determine where it all might land yet. I know, that’s life, but it seems like lately it’s been a bit much.

Oh well, off to a Chinese New Year dinner with friends – yum! Happy New Year!

Saving Money in Your Car

Taking good care of your car isn’t just a nice thing to do so as to not hurt its feelings (they have been known to get testy), but it is also a good way to save a lot of money in the long run. I knew the idea of this example, but hadn’t seen the numbers laid out before. Good stuff:

How Often: Check monthly; change when less than 50 percent of the filter lets light through when held up to a 100-watt bulb.
Pay Now: Free to check; $15 to $50 to change yourself; add another $20 or so for someone else to change it for you.
Or Pay Later: 10% increase in fuel consumption; if gas costs $3 per gallon and your car holds 20 gallons, you’re wasting $6 with each fill-up–$156 a year, if you fill up every two weeks.

2008 Resolution Eleven – Money

In 2007 I worried a lot about money. In 2008, I’ll stop worrying so much. Other than that, I hope things will remain roughly the same, but the act of worrying has always seemed a silly way to spend time and energy, and in more cases than not a fruitless one. Be sensible about things, enjoy life, be pound wise and penny foolish rather than the reverse.