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Guitar Ice

It seems like every time I have a cool delicious beverage in front of me, I’m always wishing it had some sort of… musical instrument in it. Now my wish is granted – that’s right, Guitar Ice!


Clearly, Computers Are Magic

I stuck an old 10,000 Maniacs CD in my Mac Mini’s maw just a few minutes ago, and had iTunes memorize it. As it was playing, the iTunes elves finished scribing the work, and I enjected the CD – and seamlessly kept on listening to the song. I know it was playing the songs from my hard drive all along, but still, a decade after I made my first computer-generated mix CD, I find the whole process to resemble magic more than technology.

Until it malfunctions. Then it is clearly technology.

Extra Extra Joy

Two things are bringing me great joy tonight – 3191 and In The Moment