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Daily Trash Log – Sept 11, 2008

The day started at 5AM, and as of 9AM I’m still in good shape – no trash so far. I composted a banana peel this morning, packed some honey roasted pretzels and trail mix for snacks today in a reusable container, and had a breakfast this morning at Toastmasters where I chose something I knew would leave nothing on the plate at the end (and used a cloth, washable napkin).

I’m a little concerned about lunch, since my plan is a slice of pizza from the cafeteria and I’m not sure what I can eat it off of that isn’t going to need to be thrown out. Maybe the lid to my snack container? It’s big enough, but they might look at me a little funny in the cafe hahaha… oh well, I get funny looks all day, nothing new.

Update – lunch: I could not for the life of me figure out how to get a piece of hot pizza without using a plate. It is so hot and melty that a paper towel is useless, and I had no reusable options with me, so I used the lid from my snack container and then cleaned it off with, yes, a paper towel. BUT I only used half the towel, saving the other for a future need. So for now, my trash output for the day is 1/2 a brown paper towel.

Update – chocolate attack!: I just went by the candy jar at work and spotted a Kit Kat. My belly overrode my brain and I grabbed it, opened it, ate the candy, and then as I went to dispose of the wrapper… OOPS! Not recyclable. Not going to beat myself up over it, as I REALLY wanted the Kit Kat and it wasn’t a big wrapper, but it was interesting that didn’t have a clue about what I was doing until after it was done.