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This Weekend

This weekend, on Saturday morning, I went up South Mountain in the Climb to Cure Cancer event. I walked five and a half miles uphill, then I walked five and a half miles downhill. I formed relationships with great people, I learned a lot, I helped raise money for a good cause.

This weekend, I spent the afternoon of Saturday between napping and soaking my feet.

This weekend I spoke to my hero on earth, and he’s doing okay. I’m relieved.

This weekend I had sunday dinner with my family.

This weekend we booked our travel plans for San Francisco in March, when we’ll get to see friends we haven’t seen in a while and friends we can’t see often enough 🙂

This weekend I had a wonderful time, I smiled a lot, I got to sleep and relax and spend time doing things I love. I so desperately needed this weekend. I am rejuvinated.