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Friday afternoon I went home a bit earlier than normal, about three hours before my wife got home. I was thinking I might read or blog or something, but instead I did something a bit out of character – I spontaneously burst into chore mode. I had almost every weekend chore done by dinner time! As a result, I was able to spend far more time than usual relaxing on the weekend, especially Sunday.

Saturday I spent the morning helping out with a charitable rummage sale, but when we returned home I had a quick lunch, read for a bit, and then took a nice power nap. After the nap, I got my planner out and started working on plotting out the next couple of weeks, especially in regards to my upcoming vacation in San Francisco (woo hoo!). Later in the evening, I continued to read the book I’m working on, “Made To Stick” by Chip and Dan Heath, until it was time to fall unconscious.

Sunday morning was a nice leisurely pace with the newspaper, a plate of eggs and bacon, and a nice deep cup of coffee. We went to the gym in the latter part of the morning, and spent the remainder of the day bouncing between birthday parties… with a short reprieve in mid-afternoon for another power nap.

Great, rejuvinating weekend – my batteries are full for the week ahead.


This Weekend I Planned Next One

I was going to go work on helping to build a wilderness trail next Saturday, but my parents are coming into town so I’ll be spending time with them instead. Shopping is likely to be a hot item on the agenda – nothing specific is planned, but we’ll probably go to one of the new centers they haven’t seen yet that are popping up around the area of the valley where I live.

And then after they head out Sunday, maybe some blogging eh? 😉

This Weekend I Didn’t Leave the House Sunday

I’m such an extroverted, social person that it is a rare day when I don’t get out of the house and go interact in some way – work, church, with friends and family, etc.  This Sunday though, the only reason I even got dressed into day clothes was to go into the front yard to do some work. I guess the party the day before filled up my people-meter enough that I was okay taking a day off.

Back to people central tomorrow, though.

This Weekend I Connected

We had a party this weekend at the Hamp Camp whose purpose was to reconnect with people one or both of us haven’t seen in a while. We had the BBQ chicken mentioned previously, along with a whole slew of other food choices (turkey meatballs, chili, potato salad, veggies, fruit, cookies, cakes – the works). Enough kids came over that it brought that fun element to the event that only little ones can bring. After everyone left, I felt very peaceful with the knowledge that there are so many wonderful people in our lives.

This Weekend I Remembered the Milk

I signed up for a free account at Remember The Milk this weekend. I have been looking for an electronic solution to managing my non-work tasks throughout the day (make a dental appointment, pay the doctor’s bill, call so-and-so about such-and-such… you get the idea. So far I really like the tool, and anything with a cow as its mascot is okay with me generally.

This Weekend I Ate BBQ Chicken

As we reached deep into the scary bits of our brains trying to come up with an idea for what to serve at the party we had this weekend, we eventually managed to pull out the idea for BBQ chicken. I have had a solid previous experience with having food catered from Famous Dave’s, and thought that might be a good place to look into for this event. However, the price we were quoted was approximately 2.5 times what we were looking to pay (do we get a show with that, or something?), so we looked elsewhere.

Waldo’s BBQ, a local place that is much closer to my house and at which I have enjoyed my dining experience previously, was in the range we were looking for and quite tasty. So, yay for Waldo!

This Weekend I Mowed the Lawn

My friend at work always gets to hear about my “mowing the lawn” as one of the things I will be doing this weekend. Saturday, he actually got to see the (smallish) size of my lawn, and told me under no uncertain terms that I was no longer allowed to refer to the activity of trimming that patch of grass “mowing the lawn”.